about maker house ☆

Maker House is a living collective of hackers in Boston dedicated to fun and Awesome. We're an eclectic collection of independent individuals who happen to live in the same house and occasionally band together to eat, hack, and save the world in our copious amounts of free time. Drop by, come visit, have dinner, crash on our couch; if you're into randomness, robotics, swing-dancing, improv theatre, appropriate technology, renewable transportation, education, free culture, or open-source software, we'd love to meet you.

the hackery ☆

One of the central rooms in maker house is the hackery, a space dedicated to tinkering and tomfoolery. It contains equipment for mechanical and electrical fabrication, an easel and hammock, a rock-climbing wall (not kidding), as well as computer equipment for coding hacks and (soon) wall-to-wall whiteboard space. Maker House is currently accepting donations of equipment for the hackery, and project descriptions will be posted to this site soon; we've got a few up our sleeves. The Hackery is open to all; if you'd like to pitch in on a project or start one of your own, contact Mel.

the studio ☆

Another feature of maker house is the studio, an open space for dancing complete with fireplace and hardwood floor. disco ball and sound system are soon to be installed, and regular swing/jazz/blues parties - some with live music - will be a regular maker house event. Contact Gui for more information.

maker house residents ☆

gui "lindybot" cavalcanti

Official robot wrangler at Boston Dynamics (that's actually what you'll see printed on his business card, we swear). He dances, makes robots, and makes robots that dance.

mel "isanoutdoorcat" chua

mel at melchua dot com, 847.970.8484
Hypothetically an electrical engineer, realistically a wandering hack of all trades, Mel is the Maker House electron-monkey and is currently on leave writing open-source software in New York (and doing hardware on the side).

jenn "needsanickname" martinez

An engineer-turned-art-student, Jenn is responsible for the colorful paintings dotting the walls of Maker House. Jenn is the Maker House keeper and makes sure we maintain our facade of being responsible, rent-paying adults.

matt "mr. itter" ritter

When not almost-living at pika, Matt fundraises for the solar decathlon team, runs an environmental sensors startup, and teaches himself about control theory.

laura "not" stupin

Between trips to Zambia for the MIT D-Lab, Laura sings, dances, and twirls fire. Sometimes all three at the same time.

carl "CARL!" herrmann

Carl also works on walking robots. Carl also juggles while unicycling or riding tall or recumbent bikes that he's welded himself. (Well, not juggling /and/ riding the recumbent simultaneously. Just the unicycle.)

vanilla "vanilla" vanilla

Named after the yogurt container he traveled in, Vanilla is (1) adorable and (2) a baby ball python. He's also the house mascot.

maker house locations ☆

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boston house

Apartment 1
17 Harvard St.
Somerville MA USA 02143