meet the maker

Sarah Fernando Studio

    Uplifting hand-lettering

  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Established: 2015
“I just love writing things on other things."

Sarah is someone who's perfect handwriting will make you question if she is a robot. Not only is she a real human, she's the wife of Maker House Founder, Gareth Davies! We are so lucky to have her scripting fancy Maker names on our big chalkboard. She also writes on the windows, and manages our beautiful Instagram feed @makerhouseco.

After years of doodling (and writing on every surface possible), Sarah started her studio out of a desire to project her love for hand-written greetings.  When she is not working her day job or creating new designs, she is in the kitchen baking, experimenting with new crafts or spending time at Maker House. 

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