meet the maker


    Wooden disc paintings

  • Location: Ottawa Valley, Ontario
  • Established: 2014
"The artistic process is just a significant as the final artworks"

Apartment number two began in a tiny Hintonburg apartment Leah Hamilton was sharing with her partner, Kevin and dog, Subi (whose presence often graces her Instagram page). Leah's lifelong creativity led her to the University of Ottawa’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Upon graduating, she settled in Ottawa, yet was still craving her rural roots and recently moved back to the Ottawa valley.

She finds inspiration in the nature that surrounds her. Leah collects wood from fallen trees, believing that her artistic process is just as significant as the final artworks. She slices the wood into discs, then dries and sands each piece in preparation for her miniature paintings. Why whales? Through East Coast trips and whale watching she developed a fascination of the sheer enormity and beauty of these mammals. Although her work focuses on whales, she experiments with painting different Canadian animals.

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