meet the maker

Bearface Design

    Printed coasters + tees

  • Location: Kitchener, Ontario
  • Established: 2010
"The screen printing king of Kitchener!"

What began as a project to customize his own handkerchiefs turned into a creative outlet in 2010 that continues to give functional, everyday items a bit of personality. Under the name Bearface Design, Jon Johnson creates everything from logos and gig posters to wedding invitations and coasters. He loves to showcase his designs on different mediums such as fabric, paper, and cork. 

Below you can find his popular coasters, and vintage Canada '67 tees. Jon's inspiration behind each piece varies, but it all pretty much comes back to paying homage to the things in his community that give him joy. As a self-taught screen-printer and graphic designer, Jon is getting better with every print and is always looking forward to new challenges - so keep an eye out for new designs!

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