meet the maker

Nicole Tarasick

    Designer Canadian pillows

  • Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Established: 2009
“There were a lack of cool pillows on the market"

Working part-time at a furniture store in Toronto while studying Graphic Design at university, Nicole Tarasick saw a need for more colourful and playful pillows. As a screen-printing hobbyist, she decided to think up pillow designs that reflected her current city, as well as her country roots that shaped her. Within a few weeks of her first pillows hitting the showroom floor, they sold-out instantly - marking an exciting change in her career direction.

Now as a full-time designer, Nicole takes around two weeks to produce a pillow. The various stages of production include cutting the fabric, sewing, screen printing, drying, heating, filling with feather inserts, and then finally packing them up and shipping to customers all over the world.

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