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    Uniting People by Design

  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Established: 2008
"Uniting people by design and products that are symbolic, but that anyone can enjoy and be proud to wear."

Paula Naponse created Ondarez Clothing in 2008 in a small First Nation in Northern Ontario. It began with a pair of red striped shorts made in grade 8, and hasn't stopped since. Paula brings the culture of the Anishinaabe to her work, crafting pieces that can be worn and used by anyone.

Creating her own regalia, beadwork, moccasins and candles, everything Paula does is self taught. A single mother, all of her work is made with materials that are sourced from across North America. She also recently opened a pop-up café called Beandigen Café at Lansdowne in Ottawa, featuring coffee, Indigenous arts and products!

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