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Purple Urchin

    Locally made soap

  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario: -
  • Established: 2006
“You need soap. P.U."

What started as mad experiments in a damp, dark basement soon became a business operating at farmers’ markets, craft sales and online. Purple Urchin has since vacated their original den of hygienic sorcery and set up a Chinatown storefront and production space.

The people behind Purple Urchin love making soap because it lets them work with their hands and be creative without contributing materials to landfills. Soap is luxurious, biodegrades, and makes a great useful gift.

Purple Urchin has grown a lot, but will always continue to make amazing, environmentally friendly and health conscious products. Purple Urchin soaps, still handmade from scratch, reflect their commitment to awesomeness, their basement origins, and their desire to remain just a little bit mad.

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