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    Reclaimed vinyl records

  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Established: 2015
"Creating authentic spaces while reducing our city's waste!"

Inspired by her hobbies in problem solving and making objects out of limited available materials, Heather recognized her passion for reducing and repurposing landfill-bound resources for her projects. What started as a part-time hobby after graduating from Carleton's industrial design program, designing and creating objects has now grown into Heather's full-time business.Heather specializes in designing and producing displays, products, and furnishings using reclaimed materials such as scrap materials, off-cuts and unusable product sourced from local businesses.

Re4m is quickly growing into a successful recycling-design firm in Ottawa dedicated to reducing our city's commercial waste. Since starting Re4m in 2015, Heather has shifted Re4m's focus to doing furnishings and displays for local business clientele. You can see some of her work at Feline Cafe in Hintonburg and Happy Goat coffee in Sandy Hill! Below you can find some of Re4m's original products that started it all! Journals and notebooks made from unusable vinyl records sourced from local music retailers.  

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