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Tuuma Woodcraft

    Video game coasters

  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Established: 2009
"Have less, do more"

Growing up in Northern Ontario with a Finnish carpenter as a father, Pasi Nuutilainen learned early to maximize a small living space with handmade, multi-functional furniture. The company gets its name from the Finnish word tuuma, which means both “inch” and “idea”. Nuutilainen chose this dual concept to pay tribute to his heritage, but also to show that well-designed furniture doesn’t take up space, it actually expands the space by making it more functional and beautiful.

His ski-lls combined with a love of vintage video games to produce a unique series of pixel-perfect coasters. Pasi ensures his products are long lasting and eco-friendly, finished with water-based topcoats to let the beauty of the wood show through, reducing volatile organic compounds, and making the pieces maintenance-free.

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