Decorative Hand Painted Paddles

Jenn Bell

Brighten up your home, office or cottage with these hand-painted and handmade canoe paddles. 

The artist, Jenn Bell, has a little something to say about her paddles: "For as long as I can remember paddles have been a part of my family. My mother and father work hard putting beauty and functionality into every handcrafted Redtail paddle. With my artistic side, taking that staple of my life and turning it into a gorgeous addition to interior decor is a natural fit. The blend of rustic charm with its colours and patterns finds a place in any space that otherwise would be missing a certain warmth or personality. The process of hand painting each paddle and creating each design by hand, combined with using Annie Sloan chalk paint for its exceptional qualities and the techniques it brings with it are a breath of fresh air in today’s automated society, lending a certain uniqueness to each space they are allowed to personalize."

Each paddle is completely one of a kind (and therefore available for in store pick-up only). For decoration only.

Made by Jennifer Bell in Ottawa, Ontario.

With every purchase we make a donation to #CraftChange.

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