Ambrosia Maple Desk

Custom Orders

Custom desk projects allow customers to take part in the design process where they can choose project aspects such as wood type, dimensions, leg type, and more.

Details for project shown
Wood Type:
Ambrosia Maple with a grey painted base
Approx. Measurements: 60" L x 26" W x 30" H
Leg Type: N/A
Price: $3.499 + HST*
Year Built: 2020

This desk is a taller option for those that prefer to stand or sit on a tall stool while working. Standing desks are great for your posture. This one has a handy storage shelf, perfect for paperwork and a tray for your pens, pencils and other office supplies.

*Prices are subject to change due to the fluctuating cost of lumber. We provide a unique quote for every project request.

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Type: Furniture

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