Armrest Side Table

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We create many projects that are very special and can't always be classified as items like a dining table or shelving. We work closely with these businesses and organizations to bring their ideas to life, allowing them to take part in the design process just like all our other custom requests.

Details for project shown
Wood Type:
Stained pine
Approx. Measurements: 18"W x 12"W x 27" H
Price: $399 + HST*
Year Built: 2018

These little 'C-shaped' tables are so useful as a small piece of furniture to rest your cup of tea, magazines, and TV remotes on, as they fit really well around your couch or an armrest on a chair.

*Prices are subject to change due to the fluctuating cost of lumber. We provide a unique quote for every project request.

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Type: Furniture

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