Avocado Tangerine Shampoo Bar

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Lightly scented, naturally conditioning; this is definitely the next natural shampoo you should try.

Made with the conditioning power of rich avocado oil and paired with glorious citrus oils to moisturize and refresh, this shampoo bar smells like a tangerine -- subtle but juicy. Lather up and enjoy the freshness! Tangerine & Avocado Conditioning Shampoo bar is enhanced with all natural silk protein and shea butter, like all of our conditioning line.

If you already use shampoo bars, you'll know how easy they are to use, and that by simply forgoing any packaging you're helping to reduce our global plastic footprint. One small shampoo bar for you helps raise the bar on lowering the amount of plastic we consume daily. 

If you're new to shampoo bars, it's easy. Wet your hair, then lather the bar directly on your scalp. Create a lather and give your head a gentle massage working down to the roots. You can repeat if you wish. Then rinse super well. For new users, we suggest using an apple cider vinegar rinse. Just mix a 1:4 part mix of vinegar to warm water and pour over your hair, being careful not to get into your eyes. Then rinse well again. This will help your hair adjust to the new pH of the shampoo bar. You might need a few weeks to adjust to the new shampoo. Your hair needs to rid the habit of shampoos that coat the hair shaft and adjust to producing just the right amount of oils for your hair. Our families haven't used liquid shampoos in years and we all agree, our hair has never felt better. Plus, without shampoo and conditioner we don't have a single plastic bottle in our shower. Win win!

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Persea americana oil, oryza sativa oil, water, ricinus communis, Cocos nucifera, and Vitellaria paradoxa, Citrus bergamia, citrus paradisi, citrus sinensis, kaolin (rose) and Hydrolyzed Silk.

Each bar is approximately 95 grams. 

Made by Good Neighbour Soap & Supply Co. in Ottawa, Ontario.

With every purchase a donation is made to #CraftChange.

Type: Bath & Body

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