Concrete Bowl - Black w/ White


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Rustic and yet modern. This cracked effect concrete bowl is made with high performance concrete and oxide pigment. Colours are integrated into the concrete so the colour will never fade. These are functional bowls can be used for so many different things including as a planter, to store keys, to serve chips, to keep your favourite trinkets safe. It will bring beauty to any room in your home.

This bow is sealed with food safe sealant that will add a shine. 

Note: if used as a planter it does not have drainage holes.

Sold individually.

Each bowl has it's own unique design, so if ordering online your planter will look different than what's shown in the photos.

Approx Dimensions: 5.75"dia (14.3 cm) x 2.5" tall (6.25 cm) with inner diameter of 5" (13 cm)

NOTE: Each piece is carefully handcrafted.  Due to the nature of concrete, there will be some air pockets, variations in colour and inconsistent texture which adds beauty to each piece. Due to the angle and lighting it may look different than what is shown in the photos.  

All items will come with protective silicone or felt pads to protect your furniture.  

All items are sanded, seal with eco plant, pet and human friendly sealant to make it waterproof.  Kitchen items will be sealed with counter top sealant.  

Made by SUNSET CEMENT in Toronto, ON

2% of all sales will help to #CraftChange.

Type: Homewares