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Whether you call them stones, rocks, coal, or eternal ice cubes ... Whether you use them in scotch, whisky (or whiskey), sake, bourbon, rum, or any other favourites ...
These are the ones you're looking for.

Close to 2" round and 3/4" thick, this is a huge piece of soapstone that works as a great temperature sink. That means it will hold onto the cold for a long, long time.

Each DrinkPuck will store enough cold energy to chill down one small, measured drink in a couple of minutes. Put it back in the freezer to recharge for your next drink. It will be cold again in 10-20 minutes, depending on how long it has been out. If you intend to have few drinks in a row, or to share your whisky with friends, you might want to get more than one!

To be used with straight-sided glasses with over 2" diameter (not recommended with thin walled glasses or tulip-shaped glasses). 

DO NOT 'drop the puck' into your drink. That could damage the glass, spill your precious liquor, and potentially damage the DrinkPuck. The preferred method is to turn the glass upside down over a DrinkPuck in your other hand. Then invert. 

Caring for your DrinkPucks is simple. Rinse by hand and put back in the freezer. You can dry them if you want. We don't recommend running them through the dishwasher as it will break down the lovely patina on the surface. Remember, soapstone is soft, as stone goes. You can probably scratch it with your fingernail.

When you open your DrinkPuck it will be a medium grey colour. After the first use, it will begin to darken. Don't worry. This is normal, and desirable. The surface is oxidizing a bit and building up a nice barrier. Soapstone is impermeable to liquids already and an inert material, so no liquids or odours will soak in.

The soapstone is quarried in Quebec then the stones are individually cut and polished in Ottawa, ON.

The hockey pucks are the same ones used in the NHL, just hollowed out with an appropriately sized hole. The puck serves several purposes:
- in a modern fridge that is mostly wire grid, the puck makes your DrinkPuck easier to find.
- it helps to protect the relatively soft soapstone from getting damaged from anything else in the freezer.
- turn the puck over and it makes a great coaster.
- plus, yes, it is a great bit of Canadiana.

If you want to use your DrinkPuck in mugs of beer or wine please keep in mind that it may help to keep an already cold mug of beer chilled, but won't chill down an already room temperature beverage very efficiently. Also, unless you drink your wine out of a coffee mug, we don't suggest putting them into your lovely stemware.

DrinkPucks make great groomsmen's gifts as well as unique presents for Christmas, birthdays or just to surprise a good friend. Who needs a reason to spread around how awesome you are? Give these for a good reason or no reason at all, and you'll be fondly remembered forever. Hallowe'en? Why not. Easter? Go for it.

After all that, please enjoy responsibly. 

Drink Right.

Made by Really Horrible Enterprises in Ottawa, Ontario.

This item is handcrafted, slight variations are to be expected and admired.

2% of all sales will help to #CraftChange.

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