Edison Light Bulbs

Vintage Amp Funk

Vintage style Edison light bulbs to go with our rustic, industrial lighting collection. The visible filament reminds us of the origin of electricity and light from the 19th century. Available in four different styles:

Marconi (40w, 60w or Spiral) > traditional Edison look

Round (40w, 60w, Spiral, or X-Large) > stunning ball of filament light

Tube (40w or 60w) > smaller bulb with a bit of a science feel

LED Firework (3w round) > large round bulb with a burst of LED lights 

Supplied by Vintage Amp Funk in Montreal, Quebec.

With every purchase we make a donation to #CraftChange.

These light bulbs are UL certified, in compliance with U.S / Canada. standards. If you are purchasing for use outside of the U.S. or Canada, use only with the appropriate outlet adapter and voltage converter if needed for your country.

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