Europe 1919 Map and Risk Game Print

Raymond Biesinger

This is a silk-screened map of Europe circa 1919 made to be used as if it was part of the classic Risk board game. It’s mostly geographically and historically accurate, and the artist was happy to put his BA to use making it in early 2007 and revising it in late 2011. The board enjoys 106 squares and 21 national bonus areas, collaged together from several other European maps and typeset. It also includes a deck of 112 country cards. It doesn't come with any army pieces, but you could construct a set from other sources. Oh, and this was also in a Gestalten book. How about that?

Dimensions include a 1.5" margin. Signed and dated on reverse. This print is archival.

Print measures 24" x 28" - hang it with these awesome magic frames!

Made by Raymond Biesinger in Montreal, Ontario.

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