Live Edge Spalted Maple Coffee Table

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Custom coffee table projects allow customers to take part in the design process where they can choose project aspects such as wood type, dimensions, leg type, and more.

Details for project shown
Wood Type:
Spalted Maple
Approx. Measurements: 33" long x 20" wide x 15" tall
Leg Type: Metal hairpin legs
Price: $399 + HST
Year Built: 2021

Welcome to the world of beautiful Spalted Maple! We can hear you saying 'what's Spalted Maple?' 

Spalting is simply a fungal discoloration of wood, and maple is just one of the woods this can happen to. It is found in wood that has begun initial stages of decay, and is then subsequently dried (preventing further decay). The partial decay, called spalting, can give the wood dark contrasting lines and streaks where fungus has begun to attack the wood. If the wood has been rescued from the spalting at the right time, the lumber should still be sound and usable, with little to no soft spots or rotten wood. (from: Wood Database)

This spalted maple coffee table has beautiful details, you won't be able to stop looking at it! Completed with three hairpin metal legs, left the raw steel colour and clear coated for rust protection.

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Type: Furniture

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