Stephen Hawkbean Dark Roast Coffee Beans

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What the people want, the people get. And what the people want is a dark roast so smooth and flavourful that it will be remembered in both time and space for all of eternity. 

Named after a man who with his amazing mind travelled to the farthest corners of space, from his power wheelchair!

This dark roast has a flavour that can only be described as out of this world. 

Bag size: 340g

PRODUCER: Fuji Washing Station
LOCATION: Nyaruguru DIstrict, Southern Province
ALTITUDE (Station): 1550 masl
ALTITUDE (Farms): 1500 - 1850 masl

Brewing Tips
  • ESPRESSO: This pulls a rich espresso shot that goes great with milk based drinks! We pull this as a traditional 1:2 shot. 
  • FRENCH PRESS/POUR OVER: for making this dark roast, we suggest using water that has cooled a bit form boil, as too hot water with a dark roast can create a harsh, over-extracted taste.
  • If you don't have a kettle that can set the temperature, simply bring your kettle to a full boil, then let it rest for a minute or so before starting your bloom (the first pour where you wet the grinds to let the gas out). 
  • For POUR OVER, you can also grind a touch coarser than usual to avoid over extraction. And use a more slightly more generous ratio, like a 1:16 or 1:17. 

The Artery Community Roasters Mission

1) Employ people living with disabilities and pay them a living wage. 

2) Inspire other business to hire people with disabilities and pay them, and their other employees, a living wage. 

3) Roast ethically sourced specialty coffee with care, and get it to consumers within a week or less of roasting. We like it fresssssssssh

4) Limit our impact on the environment.

Made by The Artery Community Roasters in Ottawa, Ontario.

With every purchase we make a donation to #CraftChange.

Type: Food & Drink

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