Vintage Paddle Designs Art Print (15.75" x 19.75")

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Canoe and paddle building dates back thousands of years. Craftsman carefully gathered and selected wood to carve and shape into canoe ribs and parts, including the paddles used to propel them across the water. The design and carving of paddles have long been the mark of a craftsman and while materials and methods have changed over the millennia, it's amazing to see how little has changed in paddle profiles and design.

The evolution of paddle design has been almost glacial-like... it's hard to perfect perfection. With so little change to paddle profiles over time, craftsmen turned to decoration as a way of customizing their work. Painting out paddles has become a form of folk art and the paddles in this piece were inspired by some of the designs the maker has come across over time. 

If you love the look of antique or vintage paddles, this piece is for you. It makes a great addition to any cottage or home decor.

Measures 15.75" x 19.75" (40 x 50 cm).

Made by Manmade Art in Ottawa, Ontario.

Framed version comes in a handmade black wooden frame from Quebec (pictured here). To get it framed - add the 15.75" x 19.75" size frame from the handmade frame collection by Le Cadre Urbain to your cart and we'll frame it for you!

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