I'm Sorry Everyone Sucks Layered Soy Candle

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Listen, most people - they suck! But not us right? I'm sorry there's so much sucky stuff to deal with right now, but at least you can burn a candle about it.

Scented in comforting layers of Lemon Cake and French Vanilla Frosting!

What's a Layered Candle?

Each candle has two complementary scents that alternate in four total layers. As the candle burns down, the scents will blend together and change. A new candle each time you burn it!

Jar size : 10 oz (285g)

Burn time : Approx. 60 hours

Handmade in Ontario with 100% organic American soy wax. Made in reusable jars with a hemp wick and free from dyes, parabens, and phthalates. 

Candle Care:

1. before you light, trim your wick!
Make sure you trim the wick to about 1/4" before you light it! Before every light be sure to trim off any excess wick. This helps your candles last longer and helps to keep them from overheating!

2. burn, baby, burn!
When you light your candle, make sure you let it burn until there's a pool of wax all the way across. If you find your candle is tunnelling or otherwise burning unevenly, it's usually because you haven't let the wax pool. Best practice is to extinguish candles after 4 hours of burning to prolong their life.

3. keep it clean!
Keeping your wick trimmed and your burn even should help, but with fire comes soot. We've got one quick tip to keep your jars looking flawless. After your candle has completely cooled, use paper towel with a bit of coconut oil to wipe any soot from the top of your candle jars. Less is more when it comes to the oil!

Candle Safety:

  • Burn all candles within sight and away from pets, children, or flammable objects. Never leave a candle unattended.
  • For safety reasons, always extinguish candles after 4 hours of burning.
  • Never move a lit candle, burn candles only on heat resistant surfaces.
  • Trim wicks before each burn and stop burning your candles when 1/4"-1/2" of wax remains.

Made by The Copper Bell in Guelph, ON

2% of all sales will help to #CraftChange.