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Phone or find us in person by checking our hours & locations. Feel free to chat with us via email, social media, telephone, or by simply coming into our store.
Our Frequently Asked Questions page is also a great resource for quick answers.
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Custom Furniture

We have unfortunately wrapped up our Custom Furniture side of the business. There may still be select pre-made pieces available online and in-store from our Woodshop. While we're sad we aren't making beautiful, high quality furniture, there are plenty of other small businesses out there that do! Check out Springwater Woodcraft for some furniture we carry!


If you are looking to have your products featured at Maker House Co. (either in store, online, or both), please fill out our online maker application form.
It only takes a few minutes and allows us to get to know who you are and the story behind your product(s).
We have more than 200 makers from across Canada featured in our store and we're always excited to welcome more.


1. Do you sell Maker House Co. gift cards?

We totally do! You can purchase Maker House Co. gift cards either in-store or online anytime. Our minimum amount is $10.

2. How to shop at Maker House Co.

You can buy conveniently online, with the option to ship to your house or pickup in-store. You can also visit our store location, in Ottawa at 987 Wellington Street West, on the main street in Hintonburg. Please enjoy an in-store tour, and check out our store hours here. 

3. Do you deliver furniture within Ottawa?

For online orders, use the shipping calculator to determine shipping cost. For in-store furniture purchases, we can deliver within Ottawa for $60 and install for an additional fee. Contact us for more information!

4. Why are items sometimes out of stock?

Maker House Co. buys only a limited run of unique items from most of our makers. Since every item is handmade and takes time to build properly, we run out of stock from time-to-time temporarily. You can always pre-order those items that we have coming in again, with only a slight delay in delivery.  

5. Can I return items?

Absolutely you can, but it needs to be done within a reasonable time frame. Please check out our Return Policy for more details.

6. What is the best way to care for wooden wares bought at Maker House Co.?

Wash in warm, not hot, soapy water using a mild dish detergent. Towel dry. Apply a light coating of beeswax and mineral oil paste (we sell a great one made by a woodwork/beekeeper). Let absorb into the wood for 5 -20 minutes or so and gently rub off the excess using a lint free cloth or microfiber.. The beeswax adds an extra layer of protection and can be buffed to a light sheen.

A brand new bowl, goblet or utensil may want to be treated with Beeswax Paste every week or so, for a month. And then, about once a month thereafter depending on use. We do NOT recommend using olive oil or other fine oils, no matter the quality. Use with foods is fine. Just avoid extremes like beet juice or a rotting peach soaking into the wood.

To clean and remove stains, apply salt to the stain and rub with a cut lemon or lime using a damp sponge or Scotch Brite pad. Lemon and lime also clean and disinfect. 

Beware standing water and bright light! Do not let woodenware sit in water, and do not let wet ingredients sit on the wood overnight. Wood is best stored in a cool, dry cupboard or on a shelf or counter away from bright light. If it needs to be washed after drinking, holding salad, etc., then just wash it with a wet soapy rag like the other dishes, rinse, and dry it. ​ ​Do​ ​not​ ​soak,​ ​and​ don't​ ​put​ ​any​ ​of​ ​these​ ​things​ ​in​ ​the​ ​dishwasher.

6. How environmentally friendly are Maker House Co. products?

We take time to learn about the materials that go into each of our products. Many of the products use reclaimed wood and other materials, while new wood products sources are typically certified by the Forest-Stewardship-Council (FSC) to be sustainably harvested. We make a further effort to carry woods that are not rare or imported from far away. Other materials used include raw metal, leather, fabrics and cement. The finishes used on our materials are as Eco-friendly as possible as we often use more expensive oil-based finishes on our furniture pieces.

7. Are all products at Maker House Co. made in Canada?

We work exclusively with Canadian makers and companies, so we get to know our suppliers pretty well. Every item sold at Maker House is designed in Canada, with many items fully manufactured here using raw materials sourced in Canada as well. Some items we carry are manufactured in Canada using select components or materials sourced from the USA or overseas (for example: a soy-wax candle poured in glass that comes from the USA). A select few items we carry (less than 5%) are manufactured outside of Canada, but we carry them for exceptional reasons. Some are DIY component parts for our customers to make things at home (for example: patches, hooks), and some are extremely hard to find made-in-Canada (for example: pencils, gummy candy, some books). These items are all Canadian-designed and sold by Canadian companies, and we make clear efforts to verify that all items are made in fair-wage working conditions. We welcome any questions, information or feedback from our customers and the Maker House community, regarding this policy.

Shopping online

1. I had a technical problem while trying to book an order online. What should I do?

Please send us an email to hello@makerhouse.com with the Subject Line "Technical Issues" and we will contact you to address your issue.

2. What methods of payment can I use to shop online?

We accept all major credit cards (except American Express) and Maker House Co. gift cards through our website.

3. How does shipping work? Length of time, rates, etc. 

We work with Canada Post to fulfill orders. You can choose from different delivery times, costs, and options during your online order process. We can even write a little note for orders that are being sent as gifts. Please email us if you have any issues with too high shipping cost, or questions about shipping.

4. Can I purchase online and pick up my order in-store?

Yes, you can. Simply select the "FREE In-Store Pickup" option -- your order will be ready for you during regular business hours!

5. How can I find out about job opportunities within Maker House Co.?

If you are interested to work in the store, or on our website, please send us an email. We are always stoked to hear from people interested in making change in their community and we have big plans to grow in the coming years, so please reach out!

6. How can I get my work featured at Maker House Co.?

If you're a maker interested in having your products sold with Maker House, please visit our artist application form.