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Lighthouse Lemonade Meet the Maker: Lighthouse Lemonade

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Savour the taste of Summer in a BottleTM

This cordial is the perfect balance between sweet and tangy. Whether you like your cordial in a cold glass of lemonade, combined with spirits, frozen as a popsicle or as an addition to your favourite recipe, the taste is up to you.

This completely customizable beverage caters to all and has a Canadian history all of it's own.

When mixed with water (following the suggested 1:8 ratio) this bottle makes 7 Litres of lemonade.

The exact origin of this lemonade recipe is lost in the Maritime mists of Fisher familly ancestry. They do know it was a cherished drink of their great-grandmother Aravess, a spirited sea captain’s daughter named after one of his favorite ships. “Vessie” often used her shipping trade connections to ensure a steady supply of lemons during the late 1800’s.

From the 19th to the 20th centuries and over the decades, gallons upon gallons of Lighthouse Lemonade have been brewed and consumed at the summer cottages at Cape Tormentine, NB. It was the perfect refreshment for generations of Fawcett’s and Fisher’s, young and old, who have enjoyed the red rippled sandbars and briny breezes of Northumberland Strait.

Lighthouse Lemonade is still crafted using the simplest of ingredients and the original recipe that made visits with Vessie such a hit. One of the greatest claims to fame is Lighthouse Lemonade was served by Rideau Hall at the royal reception hosted on Canada Day 2011, for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a.k.a. Prince William and Kate, on their first official trip to Canada. Vessie would have been thrilled!

The lighthouse on the label is the Cape Jourimain Lighthouse, erected in 1869. Perched on red sandstone cliffs, it guided many ships safely through the Northumberland Strait: the salt waters separating New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Lighthouse Lemonade cordials are made in a solar-powered facility in Fergus, Ontario. Canada’s Premier Lemonade is produced with the help of local students and youth.

    Ingredients:  You can count the number of ingredients in this cordial on your fingers! Water, Lemon Lime Juice, Sugar, Lemon/Lime Zest, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid. And of course there’s a special ingredient that the makers can’t quite lay claim to, but if you sit back, relax and savour their cordials, chances are you’ll taste the summer in every sip!

    No gluten, animal ingredients, or artificial colouring.

    Size: 750 ml 

    Refrigerate after opening to preserve freshness.

    Made by Lighthouse Lemonade in Fergus, Ontario

    2% of all sales will help to #CraftChange.