Crafting Connections

Welcome to Maker House Co., where every item whispers a tale of Canadian creativity. Our shelves brim with handcrafted treasures, each a testament to the rich tapestry of our nation's artistry. From artisanal soaps to bespoke furniture, every piece tells a story, inviting you to experience the heartbeat of Canada. Join us in celebrating local artisans and embracing the beauty of Canadian-made gifts. Step into our world and discover the essence of craftsmanship that defines our nation! View full article →
Explore our Father's Day gift guide for 2023 and discover unique, Canadian-made presents that are both budget-friendly and heartfelt. From hand-curated gift boxes to personalized mugs and beard care essentials, Maker House Co. has you covered. Join us on this map of thoughtful treasures and make Father's Day truly memorable! View full article →
Spring is a season of new beginnings and what better way to celebrate than with Maker House's collection of Canadian-made and locally produced products? From seed kits to sugar maple trees, we have everything you need to embrace the spirit of spring and refresh your home and garden. View full article →
As the holiday season approaches, many of us are thinking about gift-giving and looking for unique and thoughtful presents for our loved ones. One way to find special gifts and support your local community is by shopping at small businesses. Small businesses often offer unique and high-quality products, and the personalized service and attention to detail can make the whole experience feel more special. Plus, by supporting small businesses, you are helping to support the people and economy of your community. So this holiday season, consider shopping at small businesses for your gift-giving needs. View full article →

Making Mom's Day From A Distance 🤗💗

April 17, 2021

It’s hard to believe Mothers Day is JUST around the corner! This year’s going to be another ‘weird one’. We get it - with physical distancing in mind, video calls just don’t replace a real hug for Mom or Grandma. We are 100% here for you! Think virtual hug instead: a thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Box with a charming Canadian card that says “I love you, Mom – and I’m thinking about you.” We're ready to deliver Canadian made...read more

How To Have the Best Bath EVER. 🛀🧼

November 04, 2019

Picture this: you are swiping through Instagram stories and the inevitable “bath bomb erupting in a tub” boomerang pops up. Do you roll your eyes or get envious? If you said envious, do not fret. You're only a few clicks away from having everything you need for an at-home spa evening. No matter what you do for a living, every single person should take a night off at least once a week to recharge and refocus. We'll help you chillax with some incredible, Canadian-made bath products.

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Two Heartwarming Fall Recipes 🍂

October 06, 2019
Leaves are falling, the air is crisp, the apple picking posts are flooding our feeds, and the team at Maker House could not be more excited. If you noticed coffee shop signs advertising pumpkin spice, you knew it was officially fall... Right? But it’s not all pumpkin spice and rainbows. We get it -- seasonal transitions can suck, too. Sleep patterns shift, it gets dark before 7pm, flip flops rest at our front doors as a reminder of what once was… View full article →

Best local gifts for 2018 are here!

November 12, 2018

Remember the good ol’ days when the Sears Christmas Wish Book would arrive on our doorstep?

It was roughly 10cm think and weighed more than a brick. Not a moment was wasted in tearing through the plastic wrap, and hours were spent flipping through the pages with that fresh “magazine-smell.” Each family member would take turns carefully scanning the pages, circling what they hoped Santa would bring them.

Here at Maker House, we...read more

A Locally Made Nursery

July 18, 2018
On April 24th this year, we welcomed a new family member when Maker House founder Gareth and his wife Sarah had their first baby! Here's the story behind how baby Ethan's nursery came together, and some pictures of their cute little boy.  View full article →

We send out our FUN LIST once or twice per month, and you can bet that it's always chock-full of the latest and greatest details about what's going on around the shop.  This month we are looking forward to so many great things: a calligraphy workshop, a chocolate and tea pairing, and a Human Library - Maker Edition (!) for The Happening!

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