Every three months, Maker House Co. donates 2% of all sales to a community non-profit to encourage everyday activism.

We call this our #CraftChange movement.

These organizations are the lifeblood of our community & deserve kudos for making our world a better place.

Together, we share their values.

Tell us your own stories of community building on social media by using the hashtag #CraftChange.

As a community, we give back.

Current Partner

This April to June, we warmly welcome back Ecology Ottawa as a #CraftChange partner.

Our returning partner from 2016 has been growing since then, raising awareness and advocating for stronger environmental policy and action from the City of Ottawa.

Since 2015, Maker House has donated over $53,000 to the organizations below!


2019 Partners

Ottawa Tool Library

2018 Partners

2017 Partners

2016 Partners


2015 Partners

Ottawa Tool Library

To date, Maker House Co. has donated more than $53,000 to local community organizations in Ottawa.

Let's continue to #CraftChange where we live!