Operation Come Home is an employment, education, and support centre for homeless and at-risk youth aged 16 and up. Their programs focus on what works and what matters to youth, as well as encourage personal growth of everyone as an individual. Operation Come Home’s mission is to prevent homeless youth from becoming homeless adults.

Young people who are homeless (ages 13-24) make up approximately 20 percent of the homeless population in Canada. Operation Come Home is bridging the gap and providing opportunities that overcome barriers that homeless youth in Ottawa face.

In 2018 alone, Operation Come Home succeeded in creating 35 jobs through their social enterprises, benefited 445 youth from their drop-in centre, engaged 141 youth through employment programs, and provided 12,682 meals to youth. 

Some of their social enterprises you might recognize are:

  • Artworks, is a partnership with United World Voices (UWV). UWV works with youth to create jewelry, belts and other products from recycled bicycle tubes and tires.
  • Bottleworks, a free commercial bottle pick-up service that employs youth at risk.
  • Foodworks, a catering business that supports youth to learn the essential kitchen skills to help them succeed in the restaurant industry.

We are so excited to announce that Operation Come Home will be our #CraftChange Partner for the summer of 2019. During the months of July, August, and September, Maker House Co. will donate 2% of all sales to Operation Come Home in order to help support programming for our local homeless youth.

With this donation, Operation Come Home will continue their incredible work.

Operation Come Home