Bangin’ Bannock Dry Mix - Original

Bangin’ Bannock Meet the Maker: Bangin’ Bannock

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Bannock is a loved Indigenous fried bread. Each bag of Bangin' Bannock dry mix makes approximately 8 servings. All you have to do is supply the water for mixing and oil for frying.

We love how versatile bannock is! As a fry bread, or baked bread- it’s always a treat!

Bangin’ Bannock is a duo of Indigenous women offering a convenient dry mix in eco-friendly, biodegradable, packaging - giving YOU the opportunity to make your own bannock at home! Get your oil ready & try some bannock today! 

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Weight: 400 g

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Baking Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt

Made by Bangin’ Bannock in Vancouver, BC

2% of all sales will help to #CraftChange.