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Native wildflower seed bombs contain eight different wildflowers that help pollinators. Grows in the sun to partial shade. The wildflower seeds used are grown in Ontario, native to zones 4-8 within Ontario. Radical Roots proudly source seeds by region to ensure the greatest ecological integrity is retained.

You simply drop or plant each ball in your backyard, flower pot or vacant lot about 1/2″ into the dirt. When the time is right the seeds will self germinate and grow a series of perennial flowers blooming from early spring to late fall, providing local bees and butterflies with a continual and important food source. You want to leave approx. 1ft between each seed bomb.

Four seed bombs per bag.

Wildflowers are unique in that thy require patience and can take up to a year - or sometimes longer - to get established. Kindly allow Mother Nature time to grow the bee-friendly flowers in your garden. There are many reference guides and tips on growing wildflowers from seeds Here are a few:

1. Make sure the seed balls are in a sunny location.

2. Ensure sufficient watering (naturally or supplemented).

3. Make sure there isn't competing vegetation which may crowd out the young wildflowers.

4. Plant anytime of the year, but late summer and fall can be ideal as wildflowers usually need a "freeze-thaw" cycle to help with germination.

5. Plant in a container or directly in the soil.


Made by Radical Roots in Cornwall, ON.

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