Log Cabin Bird House - DIY Kit

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Welcome the little songbirds into your yard with the Log Cabin Birdhouse.  

The slope of the roof and ventilation allow birds to keep out rain but maintains proper air flow and circulation.  The Log Cabin Birdhouse has a hole that’s the right size for small songbirds but too small for their predators.  The Log Cabin Birdhouse does not include a perch so birds can stay safe from predators, but it does come with a removable floor which allows for easy cleaning after your songbird family has left for the winter. 

As each bird species has different bird nesting habitats, the Log Cabin Birdhouse comes with twine to hang in the optimal location and height to allow you to attract the nesting birds you desire.  In addition to the above, it also includes a door, chimney and a laser engraved sign. 

The Log Cabin Birdhouse also includes exterior non-toxic white glue for safe and convenient assembly.  The Log Cabin Birdhouse makes an excellent gift for the bird enthusiast.  Have fun with the whole family putting together the Log Cabin Birdhouse and be transported back in time as you build your cabin using the same authentic log construction methods as the early settler’s.

It also makes an excellent gift.

Measures 7" x 6" x 7" 

Made by Log Cabin Toys in Fort Langley, British Columbia.

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