Plant - Pearls & Jade Pothos 4"

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(NOTE: we do not ship or deliver plants)

Need a small plant for your cute pot or planter? We've got what you need!

We cannot guarantee that this plant is safe for pets. 

All plants are FINAL SALE


  • Light: bright or partial indirect light (will vary depending on the type of plant)
  • Water: tropicals usually need weekly watering, but always make sure the soil is thoroughly dry before watering

    Available for in-store or curbside pick up only (so you can pick your perfect plant)!

    If you order for curbside pick up be sure to collect your plant as soon as possible so that it doesn't die in the bag waiting to go home with you.

    Grown and supplied by Robert Plante Greenhouses in Navan, Ontario

    2% of all sales will help to #CraftChange.