Rare Mushrooms Risograph Print (11" x 17")

Arcane Bullshit Meet the Maker: Arcane Bullshit

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This innocent looking print will become a much talked about conversation piece wherever you choose to display  it!

Featuring "Rare Mushrooms Of The Upper Southwest Spithershub Basin", this print features fantastical nonsense fungi such as the Dandruff Camel, Space Lettuce, Festering Moon Clown, Chaos Widget, and many more.

Print measures 11" x 17"

Risograph print on white cover stock.

Made by Arcane Bullshit in Toronto, Ontario.

Framed version comes in a handmade black wooden frame from Quebec (not pictured here). To get it framed - add the 11" x 17" size frame from the handmade frame collection by Le Cadre Urbain to your cart and we'll frame it for you!

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