Crafting Connections

Explore our Father's Day gift guide for 2023 and discover unique, Canadian-made presents that are both budget-friendly and heartfelt. From hand-curated gift boxes to personalized mugs and beard care essentials, Maker House Co. has you covered. Join us on this map of thoughtful treasures and make Father's Day truly memorable! View full article →

Mother's Day Gifting 101

April 30, 2017

We don't want to freak you out, but Mother's Day is soon - like 'right around the corner' soon - so if you haven't thought about how to give that special lady in your life an appropriately special gift, now is a great time to start. 

While your mother will love any gift you give her, why not make this year special? Skip the classic last minute dash to the florist and curate...read more

Gift Yourself for Canada 150

April 12, 2017

Hey Canadians, you've been working hard for the past 150 years building this wonderful nation, so why not take this summer off?

Forget about work for a bit and go have a campfire by the lake in the Kawarthas. Take a road trip to the East Coast. Get lost in woods of British Columbia. Hang out at a friend's cottage in Muskoka. Just do anything that reconnects you with the things, place, and people that you love. 

For...read more