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Amaranth Stoneware

    Handmade Pottery, Classes and Supplies

  • Location: Kingston, Ontario
  • Established: 1995
“One that does not wither."

Amaranth Stoneware began over 25 years ago in a garage in South-Eastern Ontario. From there there business has grown from into a one stop shop for all your throwing needs. Not only the raw materials, but the knowledge needed to effectively throw clay is provided in wonderful and welcoming environment.

Jo-Anne and Gerald are the foundation that started Amaranth, and are still the craftspeople behind many of their products. They chose to name their business after the Amaranth plant, partly for its many uses, including dye, paper, and edible grains. But it means more than that, Amaranth also means "one that does not wither", linking it to immortality, durability, beauty, determination and variety. All keystones in Amaranth's business model.

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