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  • Location: Wendake, QC
  • Established: 2018
“A Mother Daughter Project"

Born from the inspiration of Lise and Lara, a Wendat mother-daughter duo, the Onquata company is renowned for its hand painted paddles inspired by First Nations culture. Stemming from a matriarchal tradition, their creations are imbued with their traditions and draw their inspiration from ancestral know-how. Indeed, the paddles, now contemporary objects, find their roots in the designs offered by the family business. They are inspired by their traditional use, from the time when they were used for portaging: travelling by lakes and rivers to trade and to meet other nations. Each paddle is hand-painted and made to order. In order to meet all needs, paddles can be decorative and offered in different formats, but can also retain their traditional uses and be adapted for use on the water. It was while painting paddles for their cottage that Lise and Lara had the idea to embark on this adventure and improve their product. Wendat de Wendake and close to nature, they find in their work a natural extension of ancestral to contemporary utility.

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