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Ritual and Fern

    Ritual Artwork

  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Established: 2020
“ritual & fern is a stationery business celebrating everday rituals."

ritual & fern is on a mission to celebrate the everyday rituals that shape our lives - whether that’s the joy of discovering a new local cafe or the moment of connection that a written card brings. Our stationery becomes an opportunity to recognize these moments, inviting you to pause, appreciate, and celebrate life's simple pleasures.

Artist, Megan Gilbertson of ritual & fern, moved from Edmonton to Ottawa in June 2020. With restrictions still in place, Megan used her ipad as a creative outlet and found herself drawing the cups of nostalgic cafes she was missing back home. As restrictions started to ease, Megan started exploring her new city of Ottawa by choosing a new cafe to visit each week. The YOW Coffee print is the third print in the series, completing the major cities Megan has lived in her adult life. As the first three prints grew in popularity, Megan has expanded her illustrations to include cities and cafes she's visited while travelling and has accepted suggestions from locals across the country who are eager to celebrate the coffeeshops in their own city.

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