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Springwater Woodcraft

    Pioneer style furniture

  • Location: Minesing, Ontario
  • Established: 1992
“A family is built around a table."

As a leader in solid wood handmade furniture since 1992, Springwater Woodcraft is the definition of a family business. Grant and Tricia Lloyd started the business with a passion for design, but Woodworking has been in the Lloyd family for generations. Grant’s grandfather and great-grandfather both were carpenters. Now their son Simon runs the team, and the family’s love for carpentry lives on.

Located just outside of Barrie in Springwater Township, they strive to be environmentally friendly by using wood sustainably managed wood from North American forests, minimal packaging, non-toxic water-based finishes, and green waste disposal.

You can special order the items we carry below in different colour options, or you can back order other pieces from the Springwater Catalog through Maker House! Swipe through images below to see colour options, and contact us to make a back order.

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