meet the maker

Studio Vcky

    Cute funny paper goods

  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Established: 2013
“I have a desperate need to anthropomorphize everything."

From cats floating in the air shouting profanities to baby koala bears just being super cute, Studio Vcky's playful animated drawings will light up your room with laughter. Vicky will draw on just about anything, from photoshop to coffee cups. As a dog lover and overall admirer of animals, Studio Vcky's cards and prints always tend to display a fun fantasy land of mostly-furry characters (usually with party hats on). What a world!

Vicky knew that illustration would be her full-time job one day when her university notebook became filled with more doodles than actual notes. After graduation, she decided to fully dive into her passion and Studio Vcky was born.

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