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    Sleek Leather Carriers

  • Location: Westboro, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Established: 2010
"Old materials, canvas, leather and ventile seeped into my subconscious and became my preferred materials"

Will Ficner had started by dabbling in making bags from reclaimed pieces of leather. His first real foray into leather craft stemmed from a belt project. After doing an entirely leather project he was hooked and spent the next few years working primarily with leather.

In 2010 he decided he needed to give his sewing and leather craft projects a name and that’s when the Wilboro name came to be, a fusion of my name and the neighbourhood in Ottawa that he grew up in - Westboro.

Initially Wilboro was purely based around making products for his family, friends, the occasional commission and himself of course. That’s changed now. A number of years ago he left the other business he co-founded, (a bicycle store and custom frame shop) and he is pursing sewing and leather craft as a full time vocation. 

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