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Your Green Kitchen

    Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

  • Location: Nakusp, British Columbia
  • Established: 2017
"My mission is to provide amazing, long lasting great quality products to help you easily transition into using less plastic and more earth-friendly products."

Rouvè started her career as a registered nutritionist, who loved food and cooking. However, as the plastics piled up from working in the kitchen, Rouvè decided enough was enough. She started her own company, and began making eco-friendly, non-toxic kitchen utensils. She created her first fabric bowl cover in 2017, and has only been expanding since.

Now with 5 employees, Your Green Kitchen operates out of the small town of Nakusp, BC. Her mission is to provide safe, long lasting products to help help transition people into using less plastic and more earth-friendly products. Each product is handmade here in Canada, and the quality shows.

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