Leather Wine Caddy

Wilboro Meet the Maker: Wilboro

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This unique carrying case is handcrafted using durable and long lasting leather for easy transportation to your weekend or weeknight festivities.

The caddies unique design tightens it's grip around the bottles as it's lifted from the handle.  This accommodates most sizes and shapes of 750ml wine bottles**

The caddy will also fold almost flat for transportation when not in use.

Material: Chrome Oil Tanned Leather (for moisture resistance and durability) with hand hammered copper rivets

**Almost all 750ml wine bottles we've tried have fit in this caddy, the only tight fit is the very largest of Pinot Noir bottle shapes, but do still squeeze in, as the main picture demonstrates.

Made by Wilboro in Ottawa, ON

2% of all sales will help to #CraftChange.