Mushroom Air Plant Terrarium

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These hanging terrariums are just too cute!  Each one includes an air plant, tiny mushroom decor, moss and decorative river rocks. Hang them from your ceiling or from a nail or hook! There is also a flat bottom for sitting on a table or desktop.

Each terrarium is unique, and tillandsia air plant type and size will vary.  

Sold individually.

Measures approx. 3" wide x 3.5" tall.  Twine hanger measures approx. 18" long.

All plants are FINAL SALE


  • Light: Bright, indirect light.
  • Water: Water every 1 - 2 weeks by either soaking in water for 10 minutes or by soaking with a spray bottle (warning - more air plants die from rot due to overwatering than from underwatering). After watering place the plant up side down to dry.

Available for in-store or curbside pick up only (so you can pick your perfect air plant)!

Made by Maker House in Ottawa, ON

2% of all sales will help to #CraftChange.