Wooden Bug Box

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Study insects in this fun observation laboratory.

Kids love to learn about the world around them and creepy crawlies. This bug box gives them a close-up view of some of our closest neighbours - insects.

The opening is large enough for large insects and the soft mesh is fine enough to enclose even small insects. Comes with a leather strap handle for you to carry your entomology laboratory around with you.

Once they are done their observations, just leave the box outside, open the door and allow the insect to escape.

This bug box is a great new way let your kids get close-up time with insects in a way that is non-destructive and eco-friendly.

Appropriate for children aged 3 and up

Dimensions approximately 7.5" l x 1.54.25" h x "3.5" w

Made by Thorpe Toys in Waterloo, Ontario.

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