Wooden Sailboat

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Sailing is a lifetime pleasure and this sailboat can let your little one start catching the wind early whether they are playing in the tube, the pool or the lake.

The durable and solid design of this sailboat means it will keep on floating and is ready for years of play, It comes with a post to attach a bowline to secure the boat or pull the boat back to you if you are playing in open.

This Sailboat comes in unfinished wood with no paint, stains or toxic finish and is a wonderful alternative to plastic bathtub toys. Just leave it out to dry after you are done playing.

Great for kids who are into boating to enjoy "bad weather sailing" in the tub.

Also a fun gift for sailors for their desks or dens.

Let the breeze and your imagination carry your sailboat on great adventures.

Since each of these wooden sailboats are handcrafted, the pattern and colours on the sail differs from boat to boat. 

Appropriate for children aged 2 and up

Dimensions approximately 9" x 4.5"

Sold individually.

Made by Thorpe Toys in Waterloo, Ontario.

2% of all sales will help to #CraftChange.