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Not your ordinary ornament!

This unique keepsake is handmade from local pine and hides a removable memory capsule inside. Sure to quickly become everyone's favourite ornament, destined to become a family heirloom.

Within the capsule is a small scroll where you can write a short messages or important date, there is also enough room for a small memento you may wish to preserve. A momento can be a lock of hair, a small photograph or any small object that you wish to save and remember.

Made out of white pine from the controlled local forest industry. Great care is devoted in the selection and drying process of this light wood. It is then turned on a lathe before going through many sanding steps.

The illustrations are based on original acrylic paintings painted by the maker. The image is reduced on several films and, with precision, are etched on several metal plates. Using this lithographic printing system, he is able to faithfully reproduce his art works directly on to the wooden ornament, one colour at a time.

Approx dimensions: 2" dia

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Made by Fine Wood Ornaments in Gatineau, QC

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