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Shopping at a small business for the holidays is a great way to support your local community and economy. Small businesses often offer unique and high-quality products that you won't find at larger chain stores. Plus, the customer service at small businesses is often personalized and attentive, making for a more enjoyable shopping experience.

One of the best things about shopping at a small business for the holidays is that you can find one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones. All of Maker House's goods are made by Canadian makers from across the country! Small businesses often sell handmade or artisanal products that are created with care and attention to detail. These gifts are often more thoughtful and unique than mass-produced items from big-box stores.

Another advantage of shopping at a small business is that you can talk to the owners and staff members and learn more about the products they are selling. At a small business, you are more likely to find knowledgeable and passionate staff members who can help you find the perfect gift and provide recommendations based on your needs and preferences. Here at the shop, our slogan is "Know the Story of your Stuff" and we take that to heart. It's a selling point for all of our products, and our staff all take the time to learn where a product is made.

In addition to the unique and personalized shopping experience, supporting small businesses also has a positive impact on your local community. Small businesses are a vital part of the local economy and contribute to the overall vibrancy of the community. When you shop at a small business, you are helping to support the people who live and work in your community. This is particularly true at Maker House. We donate 2% of all of our sales to our #CraftChange initiative, and this holiday season our partner is the Parkdale Food Centre! Since 2015 we've been able to donate over $150,000 directly to non-profits in our community! 

Of course, shopping at a small business can also be a more enjoyable experience overall. Small businesses often have a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, and shopping there can feel like a break from the hectic pace of the holiday season. Plus, the personalized service and attention to detail can make the whole experience feel more special. Swing by during the holidays and experience some free samples of hot chocolate and our delicious, locally sourced-foods! 

So this holiday season, consider supporting your local small businesses. Not only will you be able to find unique and high-quality gifts, but you will also be supporting your community and having a more enjoyable shopping experience. Happy holidays!

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