Wooden Flower Press

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For sentimental or scientific reasons, flower presses have been helping people preserve memories for centuries.  This wooden flower press is ingeniously simple!

Put your fresh plant leaves and flowers between the cardboard inserts, fit the top piece back on and tighten the wingnuts. Place somewhere with some ventilation and allow it to press and dry the plant matter.

The dried flowers and leaves make great art or addition to art pieces! Try framing them behind glass or making homemade cards with them.

The cardboard inserts are reusable and will dry themselves due to airflow through their corrugation furrows.   

Full instructions are included.

Appropriate for children aged 3 and up

Dimensions approximately 7.5" l x 1.54.25" h x "3.5" w

Made by Thorpe Toys in Waterloo, Ontario.

2% of all sales will help to #CraftChange.