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Hello lovely maker community,

We’re switching up our blog style to establish a better understanding of our maker’s background, motivation and creative inspiration. We hope in doing so you’ll feel more connected to your purchases and, dare we say, inspired to find your own creative outlet.

We also realized that our makers are way too cool to keep just to ourselves and that it would be a slight injustice to not share their stories. All of our makers bring something unique to the table – whether it is their perspective on creative expression, background that has shaped their craft, or a lesson or two they’ve learned along the way.

Our upcoming workshop in creating Plant Terrariums will be taught by no other than the lovely Velta Tomsons, creator and owner of Terra Velta. This workshop will encourage participants to get their hands dirty and learn the fundamentals of creating and caring for Plant Terrariums – which Velta assures us, is much easier than we might assume.


Velta also carries a powerful story that reminds us that adversity can be a mixed blessing and an opportunity for creative growth. What many might not realize when first meeting Velta – she has an incredibly peaceful disposition – is that her motivation was spurred by a recent concussion that left her incapable of tackling everyday tasks, let alone working her regular 9-5 job. When she was able to ‘human’ again, she decided to dedicate more time and energy to her plants and business. Something she claims to have been both therapeutic and rewarding.


With her effort came a great reception from the community and Terra Velta was born. Velta started selling in Maker House, has turned her home into a storefront, and facilitates regular workshops. She has big plans for Terra Velta in the near future, which includes a plant store that sources locally grown/propagated plants, pots and soil at a reasonable price.

Velta’s story is one that strongly resonates with us here at Maker House. We believe these challenges are often the underpinnings of authentically good work. It’s also a reminder to us all that life can be a game of spinning obstacles into webs of opportunity.

We ask you maker community, what challenges have sparked your creativity?

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